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Fur Ball Society



We’re Here to Revolutionize the World of Pets!

Radically or fundamentally, the way we treat pets will change! They deserve well rounded lives too.


The Fur Ball Team is dedicated to create a bond with clients pets, to provide the best pet care possible and raise the bar for other pet sitters in the area. We are forever on the search for like minded humans working on the wellbeing of pets like Underdog Rescue Ranch, and Depot Town Cats & Dogs. Our team also provides dog friendly events to bring our best friends lives to the next level of happiness!

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Dog walking, Pet Sitting, & Events


15-60 Min

Dog Walk

Other :

Playing in Backyard, Visiting a Park, or Field Trip with Furiends!

Any way we can help get your pups energy out works for us! Each pet is unique and we offer an array of visit styles. Older dogs may need a quick 15 minute potty break while others are looking for an hour walk around the neighborhood. We also offer play time in the backyard, or a trip to a local park for a change of scenery as well as hikes with a 30 ft lead so they can get the most energy out!

Field trips are also offered to dogs who meet strict requirements. 


Drop In's

15-60 minutes 



No matter what kind of pet you might have we have a solution! For small animals, cats and farm animals we offer 15-60 minute visits based on what kind of extra care they might need or multiple pets in the home.

If you are looking for our professional pet sitters to stay in your home while you are away, overnights are a great way to make sure your pets are getting as much love and attention as possible. We spend the night in clients homes from 7pm-7am, any visits during the day period are extra.


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for upcoming events!

Our team loves hosting and sponsoring events that include fur balls! Working with local pet shops we hold fundraising photoshoots, adoption positive events with local rescues and are always happy to host free coffee at a local cat café. 

Some of our favorite events to attend as a sponsor are the Walk & Wag, Doggy Dip and Pawtober.

WHY Fur Ball?

A Different Approach, Using a Better Way to Communicate

Our team full heartedly believes every pet should have a network of pet care options to improve their overall quality of life! This means we advocate other professional pet sitting businesses in the area and encourage pet parents to hire multiple pet care providers to find a good balance. Fur Ball Society is also not afraid of being the right or wrong fit for a pet and their family. Not everyone needs to fit in the same box and that goes for our team members as well. There are so many resources in the Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti area that pet owners can utilize! These things may look like daycare at a local facility, or off leash group walks with a different business, maybe even a neighbor coming over to spend time with an elderly kitty. These are things we would LOVE to see and are never upset when we aren't picked first for pet care. 


We do not charge per pet for our dog walks or pet sitting services! We only charge for the time we are there. There are no extra fee's per litter box. All services are prepaid! As soon as we receive a request and accept it, the full amount is automatically charged to the card on file. Fur Ball Society does not charge any fee for cancelations. If you need to cancel a visit the amount stays on your account until the next time you request visits! There is not a requirement for how many days in advance you need to request visits, this does not mean we will be available last minute. When we become busy we start blocking off the schedule so that we do not get overwhelmed with too many requests. As soon as you think you may need visits we ask that you request ahead of time! Some clients add in their requests monthly or weekly based on needs. For holidays we suggest requesting the visits a month ahead of time to make sure you get a slot. Holiday fee's apply on New Years Eve, New Years Day, Easter Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Holiday fee's are an extra $10 per visit.

NEW CLIENTS! We take new clients a few times a year. This means we are not available last minute for anyone new to the Fur Ball Family. If you have some visits coming up or are looking for dog walking we require a consultation in your home. This lasts about 15-30 minutes to go over the details of your pets care as well as to make sure our team is a good fit for your pet. If a major holiday is coming up we do not take any new clients to ensure our current active clients are well taken care of and that we have enough availability for them.

If you ever see anything wrong with an invoice, charge on your card, an update, something in one of the photos we send, an activity or something we did during the visit you might want us to change up please never hesitate to reach out! Communication is our favorite thing. In fact we absolutely love questions, heads up about how your pet is feeling before our visit (weird behavior, diarrhea, new medications etc,.), any communication on what might have changed in the home or people in the home that aren't usually there, and especially any concerns you might have! Having an open trusted channel of communication goes a long way to make sure your pet is having the best experience possible. Our team feels valued when you share your worries and possible questions/comments/concerns! 


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