Fur Ball Society started off in 2016 with different way of approaching pet care; pets can have fun too! Fun with the dogs included trips to the park, local events, themed photo's and props, crafts and scrap books. Everyone started catching on to this new thought of their pets needing as much balance in life as their owners. As our company grows and expands we will keep up our excellent standards! 

"Our job means the world to us where your dogs are part of our big family."

As time goes on our staff and services may have slight changes, but we are always sure to include the element of fun and adventure. By incorporating rest, family, health, enjoyment, and socialization into your pet's day they will experience the best life there is. It is just as important for your dog to have dimension to their lives as it is for you! We’re passionate about providing opportunities that allow our community to spread the progressive thinking of how we treat our pets as part of the family.


We are so excited to meet you and your fur family!



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Here at Fur Ball Society we strive to provide the best pet care in the area. Our hours of operation are 9am-6pm visiting dogs, cats, chickens, goats and horses etc. New employees are paid weekly as contractors their first three months during training, then are promoted to W-2 employees paid biweekly. Gas for traveling to each visit is reimbursed each paycheck. We pay $10-$20 each visit depending on the type of visit. Each employee is provided with a company email address, supplies, and insurance. Fur Ball is also known for holding events, seasonal photography sessions and sponsoring local events which employees are required to participate. 

We look forward to meeting with you to see if you are a good fit for our team!! 

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1215 E. Michigan Ave, Ypsilanti MI 48198