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This is a page dedicated to those hard working businesses like ours who take our passion for your pets to a whole new level. These resources are highly recommended by Fur Ball Society!

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Group or Private
Basic Obedience
Dog Training

Our highest recommendation for dog training is with Wagging Good Dog Training! There are so many opportunities to develop your relationship with your fur ball through their amazing programs. Check out their website to see if they are a good fit for you and your dog!

Local Pet Care 

Visit this website to find a list of local pet sitting companies in your area! Each company is unique in its own way and we recommend finding the right fit for you and your fur balls. You can find dog walking/pet sitting in your home, in-home boarding/daycare in the pet sitters home and more!

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Vet Clinic, Adoption and Foster Opportunities

The Humane Society of Huron Valley is the most trusted organization around for adopting! They are highly active in the community and provide a wide range of community services that you can find on their website. We attend their fundraising events and highly recommend following them on facebook, instagram etc to keep up with their news and the amazing work they do.

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The Pet Store we interact with the most!

Our closest pet store will be Depot Town Cats & Dogs Pet Supply store right in downtown Ypsilanti! Opening in March of 2024 this store will be right on top of our new location.


GEM: Greyhounds of Eastern Michigan

GEM is a wonderful rescue in the area that helps responsible humans adopt greyhounds! We often hold fundraisers to raise awareness and funds for GEM. Check out our next photo fundraiser event to donate to a worthy cause!

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