Each dog who enters will be made a unique profile. A corresponding Park ID Tag will be assigned to your dog and must be worn every visit to our indoor dog park or daycare/boarding. In order to create a profile your dog will need to provide its city license tag and vaccination tag. The profile will contain your dogs first and last name, breed, color, an email, cell phone number, home address, name of vet as well as the names of the owners and handlers. Anyone who brings your dog into the park who is not on the list will simply be added to the list. It will cost $10 to replace your tag. Colors will represent special needs or VIP access.


The Indoor Dog Park will have hours available for events held by local shelters, businesses and causes. We will have our own events hosted here as well like the annual Doggy Egg Hunt, Christmas in July and our Halloween 5K Party.


Some themed nights will be small dog, big dog, senior dog, star wars dog, movie star dog, mystery dog and pajama dog! We would provide props for photo ops, special themed food/toys and/or a movie projected on a big screen! The dog park will be sectioned off for these special party goers and the public is still welcome to the rest of the dog park! 


This will be a great place to reach out to our great community! We can offer field trips to local public schools, excursions for the senior living centers and unique volunteer and internship opportunities for high school students. There will also be a great outreach to local shelters and rescue groups!


This will be a great place to bring your dogs, family and friends to hang out! We plan on having a few agility obstacles, park benches, and interactive art installments. There will be toys and treats available for purchase as well as a tennis ball vending machine! 


There will be a set of rules similar to the surrounding outdoor dog parks. Some rules that we will put into place are two dogs per person, humans not permitted into park without a dog, children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult, no smoking alcohol or food is permitted inside of the dog park. 


We will continue to offer kennel free day care and boarding! It includes walks outside, play time in the play room and lots of snuggles from the staff. Our prices will stay the same at $40 s-m dog and $50 for m-l dog per day. The reason we charge per day rather than per night or 24 hrs is because we include walks, play time and sleep with the dogs so that your dog is never locked up alone in a kennel. Our staff spends the night with your dogs in human beds so the dogs can snuggle up and we provide 24 hr involved supervision. 


HOW EXCITING would it be to have a birthday party at the Indoor Dog Park!! You can throw a party for your dog, a friend, family member or yourself. We would provide the food in our lounge area and a special section for your guests in the dog park. 

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