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We Love Our Animals and What We Do!


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Click the sign up button above and fill out your information, then follow the link in your activation email to set up your account. Next, message us in the Time to Pet app to schedule your consultation! We are available most days between 10am and 8pm.

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  Basic Services  


Our quick visits are for older dogs who need a quick pee and can't go on a walk, cats who hide or a quick feed and water change for a small animal.


A short visit 30 minute is perfect if your pet just needs basic needs covered. This can include a walk, feeding, medication and snuggles!


Medium visits for 45 minutes may be better if your pet needs some extra affection or some extra time for their walk. These medium visits are our most requested service.


The long visits at 60 minutes are meant for longer walks, extra care or multiple pets in the household. 

  Special Services  


Our 60 minute Park visit is a favorite among the pet sitters! You can choose a dog park or nature park. The park must be within 5 minutes of your home.


The field trip is a unique  service that allows your pet sitter to take your dog out of the house for about two hours. Generally we schedule a play date or two during a field trip!


Our overnights start at 7pm and end at 7am. This 12 hour service includes potty time when we arrive, feeding dinner, evening walk, snuggles, potty before bed, potty when we wake up, feeding breakfast and then a short walk before we leave.


Starting October 2023 we will be taking new in-home boarding clients! This service is $75 per dog daily. This includes the day the dog arrives and the day they depart. Transportation services to and from your home are included in this price.

REQUIREMENTS: dog must have full vaccinations, spayed/neutered, daily/weekly visits with fur ball society, and have experienced our field trip services.
There are no exceptions.

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