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Do Anything Fun Lately?

Sign up for a studio session or walk in the park with us! We can help you create forever lasting memories with your pets by taking creative photos.

Now that we have your attention, we will let you know right from the start that the photo sessions have been tried and tested. Many of our clients get antsy waiting for their photos to arrive in their email. We always receive feedback from clients, like this:

The best fun I've had with my cat in years! –Jane Willia

Here, it’s time to show off your personality by being open and honest, or even funny! Include a number of undeniably cute and adorable pictures in your social feeds and on your walls.

How Do I sign Up?

1: Select a Date and Time

Go to our photography page: and wait for the option to pick a type of session to load. Then when you pick the type of session For example:

  • wait for our "Sign Up Here" section to load

  • select one or more services

  • click the continue button

  • pick a date and time

  • enter in your details

  • click the book appointment button

  • check your email/text for confirmation

2: Payment

Payments are due the day of the photography session.

  1. When you arrive, have your payment method ready.

  2. This includes destinations such as events, parks or your home.

  3. You will receive your photos in 3-4 days in digital form. We will send you a website and you can download your photos right from there!

We do not do any printing on site. You must take your digital photos to a third party for any physical copies! Please tag us @furballsociety on instagram, facebook or tiktok!

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