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Small Terrier

It’s Time for Fur Ball Society to Do the Walking!

Pricing of Our Services

Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

These services are interchangeable! Whether you have multiple types of pets or just one you can request visits based on how long the task load will take.

Medium Visits are our most requested service!

15 Minute Quick Visit

30 Minute Short Visit

45 Minute Medium Visit

60 Minute Long Visit

Park Visit (60 min)

Overnight (12 hr)







Overnights include the pet sitter sleeping in the home overnight, potty time or a walk when we arrive, dinner, snuggles or play time then a potty or walk before bed. Then in the morning when the pet sitter wakes up then its potty time breakfast and a quick walk before we leave.

Extra Services for Active Clients

Once you become an active client some other services are offered too!

Transportation to or from a vet/daycare/grooming appointment within 15 miles $30

Ask us to pick up pet supplies at Depot Town Cat's and Dogs for you the day before we visit! Since our new headquarters will be in the basement we can grab what you might need while we are stopping at the office anyways!

Field Trip with the fur ball crew! This service is for active clients who have had a few weeks of dog walking with us. This is important to gain trust and build up their experience levels. During a field trip a pet sitter picks up the dog from your home and takes them to play at a fur ball friends house! All dogs must have full vaccinations, have positive interactions with all sizes of dogs and be spayed/neutered. Field trips are 2-4 hours long $45

Boarding at Ashley's house is unlocked when your dog starts attending field trips and genuinely enjoys them! Ashley, the owner of Fur Ball Society, boards the regular fur ball crew when their owners go out of town. We do not do daycare! Boarding is charged per day rather than per night. This includes the day they are picked up from your house by a team member and the day they are dropped off at your house by a team member. Transportation to and from Ashley's house is included in the price of $75 per day

We work with a local network of professional pet sitters in the area! The Fur Ball Team recommends visiting


It's the best website to find a comprehensive list of other accredited businesses in the area. These small businesses offer a plethora of unique services that all have different requirements and hit the mark on extra exorcise, geriatric care, special needs care and more!

Still looking for a service that better fits your pets needs?

Think our services are a good fit?

Our team accepts new clients a few times a year. When you add your email to our wait list we send out an email letting everyone know we are ready to make new friends! In the email will be a link to fill out a profile with us and how to set up a consultation.

Check our Socials!

Not only will we send out an email announcing we are ready to take on more clients and book consultations, we will also announce it on our facebook and instagram!

Time to Pet

Once you have signed up for services and completed a profile with us you can download the app called Time to Pet. After we set up the consultation you can use the app to request services, update cards on file, check past invoices, and communicate with us!

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